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I can't believe this!!!! SURVIVAL TRAINING ALREADY?!?!

Well, Kyu thought that it would be fun to throw me in some lake with a water demon that weighs about 300 lbs. What fun, I don't even have my weapon, and he wants me to kill this thing and lug it to the temple!

First, I started swimming as fast as I could to get away from the thing, but only found out that it just got more violent. After getting attacked a few times, I went underwater and took some plants from under there, wrapping it around my body to blend. I then made all my movements slowly and carefully.

I was scared to death! I hope that the tournament won't be this hard, otherwise, I'm screwed! Well, I carefully climbed out of the lake and took a large vine from a tree. I monitored the movement of the demon carefully, and with that, I knew exactly when it would move and where. Eventually allowing myself to jump on it's back and strangle it with the vine that I grabbed. He started tossing and turning and I was thrown against a rock. Blood covered my back and I never have felt such pain before in my life. I stood up and then jumped back on the demon, it threw me in the water and the next thing that I noticed was nothing but black, pitch black.

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There's no escaping it.... I have just decided to join a fighting competition, and now I have this guy named Kyu teaching me how to fight.

Kyu seems to be a distant guy. I don't know why I decided to trust him so easily, but oh well, there's not much to do about it now. His house however, it's like an ancient relic!! Looks like a temple from Feudal Japan!

I need to clear my thoughts right now... Kyu wants me to not think during his fierce training. I only hope that I'm doing the right thing. I hope that winning this competition will win me Jin...

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Oh my gosh! Jin appeared! And he really does know Yusuke! I can barely believe it!!! I want to talk to him, but I... I just can't!

Botan and Yukina have talked me into it. I did it! I said hi to Jin... shyly, but I said hi to him. Oh gosh, I hope that he doesn't think that I'm some strange stalker!!

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Yusuke has agreed to help me look for Jin. In the first time in all my years, that I ever remember being truely happy. Odd how that works... I never truely experienced happiness until I met Yukina, Keiko, Botan, and now Yusuke. There is something about Yusuke that I like though... I don't know. One part of me can't seem to stand his personality, then there is another part of me that thinks that he's nice and funny. I don't understand anything at the moment. Perhaps I am just thinking too much.

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"That guy over there is Yusuke..." Yukina told me quietly.

I met that guy named Yusuke that Yukina, Keiko, and Botan were telling me about. At first glance, I was shocked that someone with such an attitude would be friends with such a great guy like Jin.

I couldn't help but keep my attention on his crotch area. His fly was wide open and it kept bothering me. I've never seen someone so reckless! It bothered me so much that I had to look away.

"Well Yususke we can talk later, someone i met recently has something to say to you, right Tsurishi?" exclaimed Keiko.

My mind continued to wander, I didn't even hear the remark that Keiko made. Yukina then tapped me on the shoulder, "Umm... Tsurishi..." My face was beet red and I quietly answered her, "Yes?"

"Is something wrong?" Yukina whispered in my ear. I immediately shook my head in disagreement. "No no! Nothing's wrong... I just.... I.... ummm...." I put my hand on my head and said, "I think I'm have a migrane."

Yukina seemed to be worried about me, and she immediately asked Botan if she had anything. That guy Yusuke immediately responded, "I've got some Tylenol straight from Demon World." I took the Tylenol that was offered, then started telling Yusuke about my situation.

"Hi there... I.... name.... Tsurishi." My voice was so shy sounding. Never have I had this problem. "Well.... Yukina told me that you knew...." My voice started to soften up, "Jin, he has red hair and some horns. Can jump really high.... well... he... I met him once... I want to see him again...."

I awaited his answer.

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I met a demon named Yukina. She is so sweet. I only hope that she knows if Jin is real or not. I hope that he is.... for I have feelings about him. Even though I never really talked to him.... I just watched him from afar.... gently falling in love with him step by step.

sadly.... i find myself not too much attracted to kurama anymore. it's strange. i used to be this giant kurama fan girl. now.... i just don't seem to think he's all that great anymore. so.... *takes out a comic*
here's to my new obsession!!

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OOC: sorry i haven't gotten around to creating a new icon. and anything before this post isn't roleplay related.

Tsurishi was sitting along nearby a lake.

"You...... I miss you...." she whispered thinking about a demon that she encountered long ago.

"I just love the wind..... it reminds me of you......"

"It's so peaceful.... I just hope that it'll take me home to you....."

Yukina Kuwabara...
Yukina Kuwabara,
I really enjoyed your quiz!! It's sooo kewl. I kinda prefer Kurama though. How come he's not in the story? or maybe you have a better part for him? well... i liked it alot. keep up the good work!!

Ok, so I did draw the picture. It's suppose to be
you riding piggyback passed out. ok, so it's
obvious who's looking out for you and all.
anyways, i'm hoping that you all enjoyed this
quiz, cuz i have some ideas for some more, and
i'm planning to have a game in the next one.
hehe. and i always enjoy comments and ideas.
so, if you have any, please tell me. oh yeah,
and when i first started creating this quiz, i
already decided who the boyfriend is and all,
so that's gonna be a big part of the story.
well... not gonna tell u what happens yet!

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